Tool Drawing to CSV values file

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Tool Drawing to CSV values file

Frederik @ simplesystemtrading
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Two studies in this bundle:

  • Tool Drawing to CSV values file
  • Extending Rectangle to BookMap CSV values file

Update March 20 2019:

One study was added to this bundle. This new study is called: "Extending Rectangle to BookMap CSV values file" and detects the 'Extending Rectangle' drawing tool and writes csv data to file for use with BookMap. Check it out with a free trial.

The "Tool Drawing to CSV values file" study will detect the 'Horizontal Ray' or the 'Extending Rectangle' drawing tools used on the chart this study is loaded on and writes CSV data of the drawing to file. Whenever you edit these drawings inside SC the following properties are also changed in the csv file: price, start position, zone width, color, linewidth, linestyle, text.

Columns are formatted as follows:


You can use this study in conjunction with the 'Import Levels From a Local or Hosted CSV-file' study. Video and blogpost is here: https://www.simplesystemtrading.com/sharelevels/

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