Fast Track Sierra Chart

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Fast Track Sierra Chart

Frederik @ simplesystemtrading
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I created this FREE guide to help you shave hours off your learning curve towards Sierra Chart domination.

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My name is Frederik. I am a retail futures trader and created the SST website simplesystemtrading.com.

At SST I create custom indicators and automated strategies for the Sierra Chart trading platform, helping serious traders worldwide to consistently exploit their trading edge.

This is NOT a guide on trading and making money in the market. 

This guide will cover what I think are the most important parts of the Sierra Chart trading platform and is packed with tips and direct links to relevant documentation.

The following main items are covered in this ebook:

  • Technical Trading setup Basics
  • SC Getting Started
  • SC Most Important Parts
  • Trading as a business

I hope you find value in this read. If you are exploring my work, you might like to have a look at 

the Free Bundle of Sierra Chart studies on my website (click here) 


this Request Bundle of SC studies which can be seen right here on gumroad.

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If you have questions, comments or remarks do not hesitate to contact me. 

The contact form on my site(click here) or Twitter @sstfrederik are the best ways to reach out.

Exploit YOUR Edge.


I want this!

A pdf download of Fast Track Sierra Chart. by @sstfrederik

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