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Gamma Bands Study - CSV Input

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Gamma Bands Study - CSV Input

Frederik @ simplesystemtrading
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Gamma Bands Study for any instrument using your own CSV file

This is an recurring subscription that auto renews.

This study is also included in the The All In One Bundle. If you already have this AIO bundle you do not need to get this study separately.

This study allows you to plot the Gamma Bands for the selected product on an intraday chart based on your own maintained csv file with volatility and skew data. You can use a site like barchart.com to manually lookup this data and update your file.

This Study provides Gamma Bands for any instrument of choice. You can simply load your own CSV file and the study will perform the necessary calculations.

A few rules apply.

- The file needs to be a comma separated values file (CSV)

- At least three columns need to be present in the CSV file

- Columns for the Date, Implied Volatility and Skew. IV and Skew are % numbers.

- Newest entry goes on top

- select the appropriate format and column reference in the study settings

If you do not have IV and Skew numbers this study is not for you. Check out the blog post first before getting this study.

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When your license key is successfully used on your profile page, you only need to restart the Sierra Chart platform and the Gamma Bands Study will automatically download. Super simple! Enjoy your purchase and stay tuned for more #SOLID studies on the SST website!

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Since there is a Free Trial available for this study, I can not offer any reimbursements for purchased access time.

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