Speed Blocks Study

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This is a bundle with three studies:

  • Bar Duration in seconds
  • Colored Blocks indicating speed of market
  • Speed Bar Study

Update: 29 June - 2019: Speed Bar Study added. Check the video here: https://youtu.be/9HUBKbU_3h4

Update: June 15 - 2019. There is now an display mode to color bars instead of using blocks. Check out the video here: https://youtu.be/XthPiAg34Bk

This Colored Blocks study will show a number of colored blocks at the designated position. The blocks indicate different thresholds of bar duration (the speed of market). Each block represents a most recent bar and is colored based on the threshold as per settings. The last bar is represented in the block that is placed on the far right. This view can show you speed changes that occured over the number of bars shown as blocks. This study uses the 'Bar Duration' study for input and colors blocks based on the threshold settings. High duration = low speed. You can use the Colored Blocks study on a different chart while the Bar Duration study is loaded on another chart, giving you a view on speed on another chart. Obviously this study will only work as intended on non-time based charts.

There are two different options for the horizontal positioning of the blocks. 

  • Fixed on the bars; every block is aligned with the bar on the chart
  • Relative positioning; the blocks are aligned with specific settings; the blocks will be fixed on screen and will not move when the chart is scaled.

To see the study description of all study settings, push the Description button in the study settings window of Sierra Chart and a browser window will show you all study documentation.

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Speed Blocks Study

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